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Custom Cabinets in Virginia Beach

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If you notice that the kitchen cabinets in your Hampton Roads home appear outdated, it may be time to consider semi – custom cabinetry and countertops. Working with cabinet makers, designers, and builders can make your dream kitchen come to life.

Whether you have lived in your home for years or are moving into a house where kitchen cabinets create an eyesore, old cabinetry can bring down a home’s appearance. When you update cabinets, you can get a new look to an older kitchen or make a newer home feel more modern.

Appealing to your personal taste is essential when choosing your home’s kitchen cabinets. A custom kitchen can be a big home improvement project, but a Class A contractor like JB Design can give you the kitchen design and craftsmanship you want. You can reach our home remodeling professionals by phone at 757-517-2222 or complete the online contact form.

What Cabinet Options Can I Choose From for My Virginia Beach Home?

JB Design has a variety of cabinet choices for you to select from and will build cabinets to fit any unique or oddly shaped spaces in your kitchen. In addition, you can visit our showroom to see what materials we can use to make your cabinets, so you know you are working with a cabinet company you can trust.

No matter what type or size of kitchen you have, or the kind of look you are going for in your Virginia Beach home, there are paint colors, wood types, and hardware styles that will fit right in and give you a kitchen you love.

What is the Most Popular Material for Cabinets in Virginia Beach

The most common material for kitchen cabinets is wood, but that is a broad category for materials. Some woods are more durable than others, and some will provide a better look or increased durability. The most commonly used woods for cabinets, starting with those that are on the top of the list, include:

  • White Oak
  • Red Oak
  • Birch
  • Hickory
  • Hard Maple
  • Ash
  • Pine
  • Poplar

Choosing which material you want for your cabinets depends on grain and color. Both choices matter for the look and style you want in your Virginia Beach kitchen. Some species of wood have a more obvious grain pattern, which may benefit you if you want cabinets that are stained or left primarily natural. On the other hand, if you choose painted cabinets, you generally do not want to see a grain pattern.

Color also matters, of course, for cabinetry that will be treated with a sealer to showcase its natural color or stained to match a particular aesthetic. The color of wood for painted cabinets is not as important, although a lighter-colored wood can make it easier to produce a lighter-colored cabinet with fewer coats of paint.

What Are the Various Cabinetry Types?

Along with cabinet material and color, there are other considerations. The largest one is what type of cabinetry you want in your remodeled or new home. The style of cabinets generally matches the style of the house, but you can also make eclectic choices that fit your unique self-expression. When choosing your Virginia Beach home’s cabinetry, there is no right or wrong answer. There are a few different types of cabinets, including:

  • Contemporary Cabinetry
  • Raised Panel Cabinets
  • Shaker Cabinets 
  • Traditional Cabinets
  • Inset Cabinets

All of these options have their merits. They each have a look all their own, and which one you want can help you formulate a plan for the fixtures and appliances that will be part of your new kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinet

What is the Process for Cabinet Installation?

When you are ready to start the cabinet installation process, you want someone with years of experience in built-ins, cabinetry, vanities, and other common areas with woodworks. That helps increase your trust in your designer, so you know you will be happy with the result. Here is how the process works:

  • JB Design will help you choose the proper hardware and material for your cabinets from our extensive Virginia Beach showroom so that you can feel confident in your selections.
  • You will receive a free quote for your new kitchen cabinets and can make any changes you want before we start creating them.
  • We will come to your home to install the new cabinets and remove your old cabinets for you, so you do not have to worry about disposing of the old cabinets.
  • Our team will clean up when we finish the installation and leave you with beautiful new cabinetry you can start enjoying right away.

The installation process is simple and easy to help you get the dream kitchen you want without hassle. We will work hard to make the experience easy for you and get you back to a space where you feel at home.

Why Choose JB Design & Remodeling?

There are many reasons to choose JB Design for your kitchen remodel, living area or library bookcases, bathroom cabinets, and other woodworking needs. We are a family-owned company in Virginia Beach serving Chesapeake, Portsmouth, and Norfolk. We provide high-quality cabinets, along with custom cabinetry and storage options for your laundry rooms, walk-in closets, and other home areas.

With attention to detail and exceptional customer service, we provide quality design-build kitchen remodeling and competitive prices for custom cabinets, along with refacing and bath remodeling to provide additional updates to the cabinetry in your home.

Need New Cabinets? Contact JB Design & Remodeling Today to Get a Free Quote

Contact us at JB Design today, and we can discuss your kitchen remodeling project. You can reach our home remodeling professionals by phone at 757-517-2222 or complete the online contact form, and we will be in touch to find out about your dream kitchen goals. You do not have to live with an outdated kitchen that does not meet your needs when you have us to help you create a beautiful new look. Instead, you can choose the color and style that meets your needs so that you can love your kitchen again.

Our kitchen remodeling process

Get a free estimate

We will give you a fully-detailed free estimate so you have no hidden fees.

Meet with us and make your selections

When you meet us at our showroom, we will walk you through selecting the right materials for your project.

Let’s shake on it

Sign the contract, make the down payment, and get your kitchen design plan

Kitchen remodeling process

Once you’ve approved the design and installation process and date, the products will be ordered and the redesign process will take place!

Our remodeling services include:

Custom cabinetry

Updating your kitchen cabinets gives your kitchen an instant facelift. Our cabinets are manufactured from scratch and tailored to accommodate your storage needs and design preferences.

Kitchen flooring

Whether you choose laminate, marble, vinyl, stone, wood, or tile flooring, we will ensure that your kitchen renovation has a beautiful yet sturdy foundation.


The backsplash keeps your walls protected from grease, liquids, and foods as you cook up delicious meals for your family and friends. This is another update that can absolutely transform your kitchen.

Islands and pantries

No matter the configuration of your current kitchen, we can incorporate an island and/or pantries to maximize storage and functionality and minimize visible clutter.

Custom lighting

If you really want to add a show-stopping accent to your kitchen, beautiful, custom lighting will do the trick. It’s exactly what your kitchen needs to send it over the edge.


Upgrading your countertops instantly boosts the resale value of your home. We will guide you through selecting the perfect countertop material that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Kitchen sinks

A seemingly small detail, you would be surprised how a wider, deeper sink with an adjustable can transform your life – yes, you read that right: your life.

We can take your dreams and turn them into a beautiful reality
Our fully customizable kitchen designs, unmatched customer service, years of experience, and extraordinary craftsmanship makes working with JB Design & Remodeling a dream to work with. We are Virginia Beach’s premier kitchen remodeling contractor.

Why choose us for kitchen remodeling?

You deserve to love your home. When you choose JB Design & Remodeling to build you a custom kitchen, you can rest assured that you will. Our experienced staff has decades of combined experience to design and bring to life the beautiful and fully functioning kitchen you’ve been dreaming of. Let the kitchen remodeling professionals at JB Design & Remodeling transform your outdated kitchen into a gorgeous modern space. Request your consultation or give us a call today. The kitchen of your dreams is just a call or click away.

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We take pride in the quality of our work. Have a look at our recent kitchen remodeling projects to see if we can meet your needs. We update regularly and you can contact us for a quote at any time.

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We’re open 8 AM – 5 PM on Monday – Friday and we are closed on Saturday and Sunday.

For additional questions, you can call at 1 757 517 2222 or you can find us on Yelp.

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